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  • Surface Analysis

    Two different Surface Sampling Methods have been developed for Advanced IMS. These methods are based on the desorption of the Read More
  • Trace Gas Detection

    Advanced IMS is able of operation at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressures. The capillary sample inlet allows simple detection of trace Read More
  • Liquid Analysis

    Liquid sampling module (LSM) allows simple analysis of liquids with IMS. The main advantages of this sampling technique are:- wide Read More
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Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer - Advanced IMS

- High-resolution IMS instrument
- Intuitive software control
- Trace gas analysis
- Liquid analysis
- Surface analysis
- Combination with other
  separation techniques

- Corona Discharge ionization source
- Selective reactant ions formation
- Positive & negative ion modes
- Capillary sample inlet
- Additional sampling techniques
- Operation at atmospheric and 
  sub-atmospheric pressures